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Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on core strength, stability, mobility, flexibility and posture. This helps to improve overall strength, fitness and wellbeing. 

Pilates at Healing Flow

Pilates aims to strengthen the body evenly, with a particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing.


Exercises are performed in a flow of movement without the static poses associated with yoga.

There are many health benefits by practising pilates.

These include:

Pilates Work Out
  • Increased strength, muscle tone, balance and flexibility

  • Mental and emotional balance

  • Improved posture when standing, sitting, sleeping or walking

  • Relief from pain caused by incorrect posture

  • Increased joint mobility

  • Reduced tension

  • Stress relief

At Healing Flow, we offer one-to-one sessions and classes. All our sessions are designed to teach you the necessary skills to empower you to practice independently.

Pilates Healing Flow

One-to-One Pilates

During our one-to-one sessions, we develop and refine a pilates plan that is individual to you, much like having a personal trainer. This allows us to address any specific health matters or injuries.


You may choose to have more regular sessions to start with, to get you into the habit of pilates practice. Over time, you will become self-empowered to practice independently.

Women Stretching

These sessions can also be shared with a group of friends (block booking only).

Is it for me?


Pilates is for everyone! One-to-one sessions are ideal if you have any specific issues you would like to address through Pilates.


If you find it difficult to practice alone, our one-to one tuition employs well tested strategies to motivate you both during and after sessions.



In addition to the all-round health benefits of pilates, our on-to-one sessions can:

  • Empower and motivate you to practice independently

  • Meet your individual needs with a personalised plan


Individual 1:1

60 mins I £35

Block 4 x 60 mins I £120 (Save £20)

Longer periods on request

Private Groups

Block 4 x 60 mins I £120 

Longer periods on request

One-to-One Pilates

Pilates Classes

We offer Pilates classes at a variety of times on a Monday with Hazel.


Please get in touch and we will do our best to find a session that suits you.

Pilates with Ball

Is it for me?


Pilates is for everyone! Whether you're new to the practise, an advanced student, a runner or a cyclist, we have a class for you.



In addition to the all-round health benefits of yoga, our classes can:

  • Offer an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals

  • Motivate you to improve your technique in a supportive environment

Monday 12.30 pm

Healing Flow, Norton

Beginners Pilates

With Donna

Monday 6.30 pm 

Healing Flow, Norton


With Hazel

Tuesday 5.30 pm 

Healing Flow, Norton

Pregnancy Pilates

With Donna

Friday 11.30 am 

Healing Flow, Norton

Pregnancy Pilates

With Donna


Classes (Per Person)

Beginners Pilates I £8

Pilates I £7

Pregnancy Pilates I £8 

Pilates Classes

I've taught Pilates to many different people for 12 years. Pilates is my passion. It inspires me to see my students develop on their journey. I'm also a runner, cyclist and duathlete. I know first hand those troublesome areas we all experience whether we run, cycle, play sport or go to the gym. We can be careless with our mobility, stability & flexibility. Pilates can target those smaller muscles we neglect or find hard to reach, as well as targeting core strength, overall body strength & posture.


This is what I love about Pilates. It is the ultimate complement to any fitness or sport training to enhance performance, reduce injury and keep you generally healthy, well and active for longer. Pilates is great done as part of a balanced training or exercise programme or by itself.


Pilates combines mindfulness and movement, therefore develops body awareness and reduces anxiety. It's more than just a physical exercise. It can radically enhance mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Whatever your intention, Pilates will suit whatever that intention may be. Pilates is for everyone.


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